Version 0.3

I’m writing up the requirements for 0.3 now.

I’m going to implement the following this version:

Timer (Frame rate, system time, etc)

Camera Node (Ability to place camera anywhere in the scene graph)


Collision Detection

The picking and collision detection will be a big undertaking so that’s all that will be in 0.3 on this side.

Arman, what would you like to accomplish this next release?

This would be great as it should give us the core to play with. One little thing that I guess we talked some time ago. What is plan to bring back entity so we can hang off things such as graphics and sound off it?


Good point about the entity. I suppose that depends on when Arman feels he is ready to implement 3d moving sound and stuff. We could possibly put in an entity this version if he is ready.


I was waiting for your entity implementation to test the sound movement in 3D.

I would like to have a moveable entity that I will use to move around the listener.

It would be good for me even if the entity has no geometry.

Ok, I’ll start thinking about how to do a proper entity. Let me think of a design and I’ll post ideas to you guys here.

An idea would be that entities can have various properties such as Geometry, Sound, Physics etc, however to exist they dont need to have all these properties. So the scenegraph becomes a scenegraph of entities some of which are renderable by graphics engine, some by sound etc.

This would be a cool 8) design and I havent seen anything like it (bear in mind that I havent checked too many engines yet).

One thing to bear in mind is the performance penalty. So to be pragamtic, may be its a good idea to start with something simple and flexible.


Ok, I posted the issue as a task to create an entity. So it’s official, entities will make it into 0.3. Initially they will probably be pretty simple. I’m thinking, you’ll add systems to it (Geometry Nodes, Sound, etc). Then you can adjust the position of the entity, which will in turn update the geometry and sounds. That will give the first basic understanding and allow us to see where we should go from there.

I also finished the Timer class and put that in. I’m not getting nearly the frame rate I expected. Little concerned about that. Rendering a single box with two light sources was about 150 FPS. I was hoping to be much higher than that. I’ll look into it.