Version 0.9


Fantastic work!

I only which to add a comment.

I would like to thank you, Mojo for bringing jME to the world. :smiley:

If it wasn't for you and all the other guys constantly active in this forum I would never

have obtained all the Game Programming knowledge I did over the past 3 years! So thanks…

Also, I

Nice job!

Thanks for the nice comments, and thanks for sticking it out with us. We got most of the big optimizations out of the way (we still have a few up our sleeves) and are going to start adding features again. I'll start a thread with 0.10 plans, to give a little idea of what is in store.

I am a bit late but want to say bravo and hurray too XD !

It took me less than five minutes to port my game to 0.9 due to the very helpful comments in this forum.

Thanks :wink:

Yaa, this version, you can call the super jme, now models loads so fast, like never before, also the news changes that you have added shrinked the size of the swt binding, and by the way, the Bounds bug just disappeared  :D. Thanks and congrats for this success.

We aim to please. :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

just wanted to say a big thank you for the .9 version of jme. It’s been a long time for it, but it was worth it.

I did a quick conversion of my worst-case q3 map loader (thread here and memory consumption went down to less than 100 MB, with loading times of about 2-3 seconds. This is definitely what I was waiting for! So, two thumbs up from me. what was the memory usage previously?

Renanse is going to tackle BSP a bit later (We are going to attempt a generic loader, rather than just a Quake level-loader), but I'm sure he'd appreciate any advice/help.

I switched back to an old version to give you the exact figures. Here they are:

The map museum, loaded with

0.8:        162,132 kB total memory used by java.exe

0.9:        44,626  kB total memory used by java.exe

This is almost a factor of 4!

Concerning BSP loading: I currently can't find the thread, but there was a solution posted here concerning q3 maps which looked very mature, having light maps implemented and some of the q3 typical shader progs. I suggest having a look at that gem for a starting point.

With BUI or NUI. See the GUI section on this board.

Go away for a few months (busy b/c of work) and come back to find this…

Great work, guys!

Even if I never personally find the time to do anything with jME… I am genuintely happy to see it moving along so well.