Version issue during build

I could be doing something wrong, but I encountered a slight issue while building jMonkeyEngine from source.
I cloned the source from:

Then I ran:

git checkout v3.2
./gradlew -PbuildJavaDoc=true install

Everything builds, but the generated artifacts all end up with a version of “unknown”:


In order to get the version to be “3.2.0-SNAPSHOT”, I needed to edit the following in version.gradle:

jmeFullVersion  = "${jmeVersion}-${jmeVersionTag}"
jmePomVersion   = "${jmeVersion}-${jmeVersionTag}"

Possibly related, is a message at the start of the build:

Failed to get repository info: repository not found: D:\devel\working\jme3-reference\jmonkeyengine. Only partial build info will be generated.

Am I doing something wrong in order to cause this version issue?