Versioning system info

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I’m working on my bachelor graduation dissertation and part of it is to find some open source software and download different versions of it. I downloaded the latest revision of jME using svn and I noticed you have 6k+ submissions. Of course I can’t and it makes no sense to consider every submission as a new version of jME so I was wondering if you have some hidden numbering system for your engine and if you can tell me more about it. What I would need is to know which svn revision corresponds to which version of jME. For example, I noticed that in the submission comments for revision 3802 someone wrote “jME is now 1.0! Yay!”. I searched for other such submissions but couldn’t find any for other versions(for instance I looked up version 2.0 and the only comments I found were about “a base upon which 2.0 will be built”). I’m not sure the developers even thought about how different versions of the engine were released over time but I would appreciate it if you could help me sort this out somehow. Even a more or less precise clue (if there are any) on how versions are distributed over time would be fine.

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Releases are tagged so if you look in the tag folder you have a snapshot of the repo at each release.

thank you very much for your answer :slight_smile: