Vertex colors


Is someone aware of some way of importing vertex colors into an obj workflow? or direct to the engine, to the jme file, however?

I know how to do this with my 3d tools in my workflow, there are some rare formats that port vertex colors, but also, I usually just export as vrml 2, or ase, etc, a format with vertex colors, and this way I have it. But the problem is obj does not support vertex color, that I know at least, and we're at this point strongly based in code in OBJ, can't go back to ase or something.

I know ase, vrml, nendo, are formats porting vertex colors. I don't know if someone was succesful to import some of those, extract the vertex colors, and import into the game meshes...

So, that's the question.

I know, two questions in a day. And quite "rare"questions.  But the fact is I have them ;)

That's a toughie… Perhaps you could export as ase and then have one of your programmers write a tool that merged data from the ase and obj files?

Yep! Exactly. That's what we've been seing last hours… Ase is the only format I see there able to carry vertex colors, and as you say that, I guess it's really importing vertex colors into game engine. So, something in the line of what you say is what we will most probably do.

Thanks ! :slight_smile: