Vertex/shape animation being ignored on inport

So, i was trying to export a blender vertex animation and play it on jme, the exporter is doing his work, and exporting a big ass file, but the vertex aanimation that is stored on .mesh file seems to be ignored on the convertion/opening.

This is what appears on the console when i open the .xml file, or when i convert it to a j3o file (that is too little to compared to the .mesh.xml file)

The .mesh.xml file has 14Mb, and the .j3o has only 18 Kb.

I’ve made it work once, a long time ago exporting a vertex animation from the 3ds Max, but i los the project, and the files…

Just to mention, in your wiki you said that jme supports the vertex animation but i failing badly on it T_T

How it could be done? Or it couldn’t be done?

I don’t believe vertex animation is supported right now but I could be wrong.

Yep, jme itself has no vertex animation support.

see this post Vertex animations

I saw this post, but i don’t think it would work for a blender or an ogre model, because he uses an other type of model that is treated on a different way, am i wrong?

Well the original code was working with ogre.

Is this one here BlendShapes right?


So, i was looking at the topic, and what he did was fix the com.jme3.animation.Pose and the com.jme3.animation.PoseTrack, is this?

I’ll take a better look at the topic, and will see if I can implement all that.

But do you have any idea when you will implement this on the engine?, because it is almost done, right? Or it is not on the top priority right now?

Thanks a lot for your help. :grinning:

not really.
It was almost done and I screwed up deleting my local repo with uncommitted things as explained in the other post.
Since then other things get on top of the pile of priorities…

There were a couple of issues that prevented this from getting added before:

  1. For the longest time, the blender2ogre exporter didn’t actually support vertex animation, so it was never deemed a priority
  2. It is somewhat of a challenge to support both vertex animation and skeletal animation simultaneously, especially with hardware skinning. We may need an additional mode with software vertex animation and hardware skinning. That would require changing all methods that deal with Meshes, not to make assumptions about the setup of the buffers.

Of course, if we do get a PR adding vertex animation support, I don’t think there would be any issues with adding it (as long as there’s a proper test case).

Haha, ok

things like this happens.
Sad, but true…

@Momoko_Fan humm, I understand…
I’ll try to do it, based on the @Kidow’s work.
If I succeed i’ll post here (if I fail miserably i’ll post it too hahaha)

thanks for the attention
Peace :v:

After reading through the whole topic ( BlendShapes ) I got a doubt:
The mesh loader class that the code i should join with the codes on the topic, has to be recompiled into the jme Binaries? Or I can just use the class outside to generate the models i need?

Furthermore i can register a loader on the assetManager, but the extension would be the same as the other ogre files, i thought in change the extension to another, but it is cheating… haha.

So I’ll try it. If i’m doing it wrong please tell me and stop me before i blow my computer!! hahaha

This isn’t going to be a walk in the park, I am afraid.
It requires modifying the jME3 internals, specifically the animation and skeleton handling classes. Loading the data is one part - making it work together with jME3’s animation system is another.

For sure it will not be easy…
and i think i’ll not be able to do it…

I’ve used all the code that was on the other post, and done. The plane was animating, but, it was soooo strange… and i had nullpointerexception at:

        FloatBuffer bpb = (FloatBuffer) bindPos.getData();

Sorry for not doing something useful… :sweat_smile:

You need to create the BindPoses. See OpenKeeper/ at master · tonihele/OpenKeeper · GitHub.

“My” implementation on the GitHub for the pose animation is still generic I think. And follows the original Blender post. Slight changes.