Is anyone working on the ability to use a common vertex pool to be shared across multiple pieces of Geometry?  This would be extremely useful when dealing with formats like OpenFlight. 

Also, with a little luck our DoD customer will allow us to contribute back to the jME project – we have a fairly complete FLT loader implementation in Java.  Our development schedule is pretty tight for the next 3 months and we're working with jME 1.0, but hopefully after the initial release we'll be able to contribute back in the areas of Terrain LOD, model loaders, and effects.

To give you an idea of scale, our smaller terrain databases cover over 16,000 square miles.  Some of the larger ones cover 32,000+ sq mi and contain 30,000+ buildings (coughiraqcough).  Things get a little choppy with 1-3million triangles on screen though.  I already know we're going to have troubles moving forward with the whole engine based around floats for positions.  At some point in time (most likely later this year) we will run into precision issues when we change to a geocentric view of earth.  We're already using geocentric coordinates, but with a local translation from the center of the terrain databases, so we've worked around the problem for the time being.