Very cool jmetest :)

I went through the jmetest packages last night and I was very impressed. So much more information there, tutorials, example code etc. So my kudos to those who made it :slight_smile:

My only thought was that it not should more accessable on the web, the current online wiki is really misrepresenting jME.

Anyway, my other thought was "How the hell can I make all the applications I run use -Djava.library.path=<path-to-lwjgl> as default in Eclipse :slight_smile: Anyone know if it's possible? Really annoying having to define this manually for each and every Test application.

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ScarFreewill said:

I don't know how the wiki does it but this is how I do it. Right click project -> properties ->
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Wow.... awesome!! It works. Big thanks! :) You've saved my life :) thanks.

Glad I could help :smiley:

That's exactly what the wiki tells you to do. Could use a screenshot like this… but I can't seem figure out how to upload images to the wiki… :frowning:

Although, this might be more conveniant:

This way you only have to define it once. Otherwise you’d have to define native library path for each and every of the libraries you’re using.

Actually, if you set it for one lib it will work for all… (due to way this gets passed on as a VM option). But yes, theoretically this is better (though this way, you can't switch VMs that easily).

I just recently got involved in the repo-plugin for dokuWiki that lets you display syntax highlighted code straight from a code repository, and the code will periodically be refreshed with the latest changes (so if the tutorials go out of date at least the real “first article”, the source code won’t).

This might be useful for the jME wiki, especially for writing up tutorials based on the jmeTest package and any other jME related projects.

I posted an example of using it to create wiki tutorials from the jmetest FlagRush tutorials.

The plugin can be downloaded from here:

To install it into the dokuWiki installation the repo folder from the archive should be extracted into <wiki_path>/lib/plugins.

The syntax for the plugin is as follows:

{{repo>URL [cachetime]|[title]}}

cachetime is specified as n[dhm] where you specify either d - day, h - hour, m - minute.

For example to include a copy of the from the Flagrush tutorial, first I browsed the jME CVS online to the jmetest package (, and then to, then I click the download  link (

That’s the link I used in the dokuWiki repo plugin:


Now what would be really cool, and it seems like it’s possible, is to be able to get up to date code from a repository, and generate not only syntax highlighted code, but automatically generate UML class diagrams (I believe there are Java to UML GraphVis to PNG tools out there, just needs a working dokuWiki PHP plugin glue code). Then even slicker would be if there was an easy way to specify and generate a given sequence diagram based on a starting method in a class (I’m using JBuilder 2007 and it lets you reverse engineer sequence diagrams and filter out classes and methods to clean it up, and it’s really cool! But there needs to be an easy way to publish those diagrams and to modify them and a wiki seems like that format).

It looks like there is a dokuWiki plugin that lets you take Java code and generate a class diagrams and sequence diagrams in PNG format using UML Graph and GraphViz. I’ve tried setting it up before but I couldn’t install the necessary libraries (ImageMagick, GhostScript, and TTF-fonts. ) on my shared host web server (although maybe it’s possible I just have to figure out how to install it all to my home directory).

You can set a default VM option.  Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs -> select a VM -> edit

However, if you set the native library location, you don't ever have to set it anywhere at all (Eclipse will do this for you). I could tell you how, but the Eclipse tutorial on the wiki :wink: also says it.

appel said:

the current online wiki is really misrepresenting jME.

probably someone can list interesting topics covered by the tests?

I don’t know how the wiki does it but this is how I do it. Right click project -> properties ->

(I don’t know how to upload is it posable to upload files on the forum?)