Very large but static scene graph. How to optimize?

It’s me with a second question:

If i have a very large scenegraph which is static and will never change. Has JME3 something like DisplayLists oder VBO to avoid re-rendering the complete scenegraph every time ?



This is written at the bottom of the faq’s,

How do I optimize the heck out of the Scene Graph?


Well, i already saw this… Please correct me if I’m wrong but these method reduces triangle count instead of using VBO or display lists… So it’s not really what I’m looking for… But thanks, anyway :slight_smile:

VBO is already used by default. That method batches based on material, it does not reduce triangles

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I was inspired of one of the demo projects… It sounds like Myste…something like that and is very similiar to MineCraft. I thought “wow, i have to try this!” But the frame rate goes down to 30 fps when using < 5000 simple Boxes. Ok, my Pc is 3 years old… the JME3 Demo video on shows some scenes of this game and it looks like they are using thousands of blocks with cool light effect, too… Maybe my pc is just too old :frowning:

Mythruna is not a demo project, its a full-fledged (probably commercial) game project based on jME3, though the developer, @pspeed is now also part of the jME3 team :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, and box worlds don’t consist of box meshes!

How do box worlds work ?

Ups, and (off-topic, sorry about that) can i add an asset pack to an existing java project ? I tried different things but the asset-icon never appers in my porject. Is this possible without creating a “JMEe- BasicGame” ?

Box worlds create a mesh that looks like a surface made out of boxes.

You dont need to add an assetpack to a project, you can add single models from an assetpack to the project or a scene. And yes, create a new BasicGame project at best.

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