Very odd input problem

For some reason, the first time I press space (which is mapped to make my character jump), it doesn’t make the player jump. Instead, it calls a random method out of a random class. (it’s the same each time.) The method it’s calling is only called in one other method, which is only called in case a Nifty-button is pressed. When I’m pressing space in the game, the nifty menu isn’t even enabled anymore, or even added as a scene processor. I tried clearing all mappings, then adding mine, but the problem is still there. I’ve checked everywhere the method is called, and all of it’s calling methods, and nothing leads to anything with input at all. Any help is appreciated.

Nifty doesn’t use input manager mappings… so if it’s the culprit then removing the mappings won’t matter. That’s my guess, though. The nifty control still has the focus for some reason and so gets the space as “click” or whatever.

@pspeed You were right, I figured it out shortly after I posted this. I guess even removing Nifty from the viewport and exiting and all won’t remove it’s input manager. I had to make a screen with nothing to focus on to fix the problem. Kinda ghetto and stupid but, hey, if it works it works. Thanks anyway!

Yeah, I don’t use nifty anymore but when I did I remember always having an empty page to send it to.