Very simple question about Browser Applets


Trying to keep this as short as possible, where can I find information about creating a jme3 browser applet?

All I can find is this link,
which doesn’t contain any information about how I should adapt or change the sourcecode to work as an applet (or is this necessary?).

All other threads and tutorials all points to dead links like this,

Are there any up to date information about applet creation? Why are all documentation about applets gone?

Any information is appreciated!

First, you only check the checkbox in the lwjgl applet creation panel (the one with the resolution setting, not the one from NetBeans), no further settings needed. Second, I take it you read the answer to the other thread so you know why applets are not a widely used function.

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Thanks for the answer! Now I atleast know that I’m trying to make an applet with the right method and that the error lays elsewhere.