Very stange problem with MouseLookHandler

Hi everyone - new to JME!

I've started a 3d editor, and am using Swing for the GUI, with a LWJGLAWTCanvas for JME.  I'm creating a mouse-look handler like so:

input = new MouseLookHandler(cam, 1f);

and then in my update, calling:

input.update( timer.getTimePerFrame() );

The problem is very strange however.  The mouse cursor does NOT warp to the centre of the window - so the camera spins around if I don't position it at the centre of the window. 

There is also a "dead zone" in the centre of the window where the mouse look handler seems to ignore any movement (hard to describe, but I'm sure it's part of the same problem).

What has got me worried is that this was all working correctly when I used "BaseGame" - but ever since moving over to manually creating everything for swing, it has stopped working :frowning:

Thanks for any help

i have the same problem too; i think that it's probably related to the fact that the mouse input is AWTMouseInput instead of LWJGLMouseInput in order to work with the canvas.

i dunno how to fix it however…

I am having the absolute same problem. did one of you solve it yet?

please post a suggestion/solution if you found one.

tried this with FirstPersonHandler and MouseLookHandler. both result in the described behavior.

Is there an alternative solution to create mouse and keyboard controls like in a fps-game?

thanks in advance