Very strange effect - animation after import to SDK from OGRE xml

I have problems with our next mob for game - after import I get strange animations - totally different than this what I see in blender:

How can I fix this - its is possible or @FrozenShade need to write own importer too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Files (private use only):

Try to apply trasformations in blender.

I applied all transformations for the model itself and the armature and it works.

Now it works. It was so simple? Very very big THANKS guys!

But attack still looks a bit different than original (blender) animation.

Like this (walking animation):

Success! Today I discovered why my animations dont look the same like in blender:

Ogre exporter add his own keyframes to my animation - not add - it make his own keyframes from scratch. Its posisble to take keyframes from blender?
Or why there is 0,208333333 difference?

ok, I just need to set frame step to 1, FPS to 30 length 1-60, now animations are bigger (from 1mb XML file to 4mb) but look good and identical to blender.

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