Video Recording

Hello, I tried to write video from my application using xuggle, but faced with strange behaviour: in my application I scaled cube for 5 seconds, but video fits in one second. Is it jME3 or xuggle problem?

never heard of xuggle, but this should help if you want to record your jme3 application:

I tried it using the link you provided

oh yeh, hmm lol, my bad, not sure then sorry.

You have to use the supplied tpf to count the time, the outlined xuggler solution bends time to make the video run at constant framerate.

I added a VideoRecorderAppState to jme3 that allows recording avi containers with M-JPEG content which should play on any OS in any video player, its based on the juggler example but not using xuggler :). The code is 100% java and to record your app you need to do nothing more than attach the state to your app in simpleInit. The video file is automatically closed when the app is closed then. You can also attach/detach the state on a key press to start/stop recording if you want, make sure to set a new File when attaching the state a second time to not overwrite the old. Should be in the nightly build in a few hours.

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how can I record a 4 screens view (quad) on a single file simultaneously, I’ve been looking around all day and cannot figure it out.

…and you think in this thread theres suddenly other people who were hiding? :roll:

no just thought if you guys were already discussing this maybe you could give me a hint or guide me how to do it …

I read your whole thread, if I had something to say I would have said it. Please keep your problem in your thread. There is no use in spamming around in the forum just because you don’t get it done, its the same people everywhere.