Video Texture

ubuntu 8.10… the first dist which supports my x1950pro… But not very good… so at first i'll develop on windows…


Ubuntu 9 is just out, which includes the new Ati/AMD open source drivers I believe. However there are also compatible binary drivers for them, which would give you superiour performance.


so now i zipped a running version with all needed native libs for windows…

I tried a divx video 720x460 and it runs with only 10 fps… maybe thats too hard…

a simple 30fps youtube flv video runs with only 25 fps … i would be very happy if someone could test it…

@LLama i followed your tutorial… i patched the fobs sry and set the patch variable to "true"…

I don't think that my pc is too slow… :wink:

Here is the link


Sry to up such an old topic but the tutorial and src links are all dead, does anyone have more information on how to use videos as textures in jmonkey? thx

Look up the javafx integration somewhere here in the forums (not the one from me,mine was the slower approach) , that is a simple possible way…

Display a local website with a html5 video on it in the new javafx browser component (wich is based on chromium)
Pro with java 8 javafx should be in all official jdk’s
and no own fideling with native bindings.

Should be fast enough for normal 30-60fps.

Thank you for quick reply Empire Phoenix,
My videos are very short and have no sound so don’t you think using the browser component is a bit exagerated? I saw that the jmf solution worked good for videos without sound. What do you think?

jmf is not currently developed as far as i know.

Btw if they are short haw about this:
convert them to a few dozen png’s(or better dds if desktop)
then just use a quad and a control that changes the texture every 1/30s

Not the most efficient way,
but no dependencies, and nothing that can break in other os, or similar.

yeah that’s what I thought of doing, it appears to be the cleanest way even though the size could get really big if I had lots of videos