Video texturing

Built in video texturing would be great. I think it should be as simple as possible with just a required data type or something and it will be on the programmer if he is using the java media framework or something else to get live camera input or moviefiles.

I don’t know exactly how it is implemented in LWJGL - so there may be already some good concepts to use as much different input data as possible.

Oops, my bad. Cortado might have been what I was thinking of. Presently it’s geared towards functioning as an applet, but it ought to be possible to munge the com.fluendo.jheora package into something useful.

A demo is available at

Source available at

You mean mapping a video file to a texture ?

It could be done, but it would required a lot of work. There’s only one decent java video reader (QT4Java - QuickTime for java, apple = great quality :P) but it’s not well-suited to do video mapping. So you would have to build your own mpeg or avi decoder and make it very fast…

It could be a nice feature, but I think there are more importants things to do in jme at the moment :wink:


Perhaps something like jOrbis could be modified to output frames in a suitable manner? Their homepage can be found at JOrbis - Pure Java Ogg Vorbis Decoder

JOrbis can only run audio files (ogg), not movie files (ogm).