Video tutorials pls

can some1 pls do a video tutorial on setting up jme2 using eclipse? a video tutorial would be clearer than a text tutorial… xmas is coming by the way so the video tutorial would be a great gift… hehe…  thanks!! advance merry christmas!!!

i also think video tutorials would be quite handy.

i guess its even less work to record a eclipse set up, than to write a easy to understand guide.

can someone recommend me a tool to record such things ?


Momoko_Fan said:


I second that recommendation.

I used Wink :wink:

Here is a first try, is something like that useful byvj ?

[edit: removed old link]

Should additional comments be added to explain what currently is happening?

In a 2nd video a new java project would be created, which uses jme.


created new tutorials on youtube see wiki:

Core-Dump said:

I used Wink ;)

Also very nice to have in the toolbox.

I think that is an excellent video. Especially that part showing how to include the natives with the appropriate jar. That, IMO is the right way to do it versus adding vm args to the launch configuration.

Perhaps some comments along the way like...
1. At the beginning, indicate that Eclipse doesn't come with SVN integration, and perhaps link to Subclipse or Subversive and indicate that needs to be done before continuing.
2. Explain that lwjgl requires a native library during execution, and this is how you tell eclipse where to find it.

Good job Core-Dump.


I was hoping to hear core-dump's voice :stuck_out_tongue:

(i don't think you can tie native libraries into a project like that in NetBeans :()

Hopefully it will help people :slight_smile:

Adobe Captivate isn't free but can do an amazing job for tutorials.

nice video tutorial…thank you mr. core-dump… it's a big help…advance merry christmas!! and to everybody too…

oh man… now it's Mr. coredump??  That's gonna go straight to his head…

(soon we'll have to start saluting and calling him Sir! :D)

new video tutorials are available here