Video tutorials

Not exactly to jme, just some my videos how to create scene and export it to .scene and .mesh.xml files (using blender 2.49 and 3dsmax+ogremax). When created, I used some other 3d-engine, but maybe these can be useful to someone.

Warning: programmers graphics :wink:

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Very cool, thanks for this. I’m sure this will help a lot of people, gonna add it to the wiki.

awchum, maybe make some for video tutorialz for jme? :stuck_out_tongue: with commentary if possible, and not normen’s b*tch

You will? Cool. Btw its the teams bitch, I wanted to do them with my voice from the beginning. And I will if I ever get to that and don’t have to fix broken sites, canvases or similar I will too.

Fortunately there is (in wiki) videos already using jmp, I will watch these when I have some time, still learning jme (and I switched from C# to java because of jme). Dont know yet how I want to use jmp scene editor because Im using blender to make my scenes and coding all line by line, but maybe I will find it useful.