VideoRecorderAppState gone?

I’m using JME 3 Beta SDK and I can’t import the above class - it does not seem to be present in the class hierarchy. Has it been removed, and if so is there a better way to make simple videos?

it does exist, i used it 10 minutes ago :slight_smile:


Make sure you have updated to the latest stable update

help → check for updates

Will do. I checked in that exact package - it has a ScreenCaptureAppState, an AbstractAppState and the AppState interface… no video recorder.

Update doesn’t seem to work either (or it is extremely slow). I will just download and install a fresh build. But is there any way of knowing which build I have now? The splash screen just says JME 3 Beta - it would be nice to add ‘build xxxxx’ to that.

EDIT: I thought I would just download a nightly build to be sure of getting something more recent, but it does not seem the nightly builds page is being updated, if I am not mistaken. But at least I have discovered, which is also missing from my JDK :slight_smile:

I don’t want to sound critical - JME is amazing software, I wouldn’t have a chance of building a game without it. For your testing, do you run all the samples in a default JDK environment and reject the build if any of the samples throw errors?