Viewing Neverwinter Nights creatures in Netbeans 6

Cool. :slight_smile:

Cool, but, Is this a project you are working on?.. is it readily available? Give more info  :smiley:

Does it only work for Neverwinter Nights models or is it just a general model viewer? Because that would be cool feature of JME havin a Netbeans based model viewer and im sure very useful too!

Sweet,  looks like You did a NWN - model importer too then ?

Really would be nice if You could elaborate on what it can do and which project You are working on.


This is for a book I'm writing on how to write MassivelyM ultiplayer Online Games using Project Darkstar.  The last half of the book is an MMORPG.  Im basing it on NWN data because its easily obtainable.  all the code will eventually be released Open source.

Im writing all of the tools for the project as Netbeans 6 plugins. To answer some of the questions…

(1) Yes, I've written a full Resource Manager for the NWN data in Java.  Thats part of the codebase that will be released.

(2) I've also written a JME  importer for NWN Binary MDL files.  That will also be released.

(3) The MDL viewer plugin in just calls the resource manager and importer to load the model, so sure you could take the plug in and pretty easily repurpose it for other  JME model formats.  If anyone wanted to do that I could gvie them some instructions on the fastest path through the plug-in wizards to creating the infrastructure you need.

Lesee… I miss anything?


Cool, looking forward for this.

Here’s another screen shot for you guys.  I now have the  plug-in displaying the associated walk-mesh if there is one.  (Tiles have walk meshes, monsters don’t.)

The green signifies walkable, the red signifies blocking.

Cool, very interessting. I'm looking forward this, too. ^^

Hopefully your book will also available in germany.

Another little update.  Im into the Zone viewer (Area in NWN speak) and Im duplicating a fair bit of code from the MDL viewer.  This has led me to the realization that it would make sense to abstract out most of the editor into a super-class.  I wont have a chance to do this til after Java One but the result should be really handy for those who wanted to create other kinds of JME viewers in netbeans.

Hey jeff,

when did you estimate the release of the book? Any plans on this? Or just "when it's done"?

Can we expect/hope to see same code (jme nwn loader) after JavaOne?

Hope i'm not too impatient. ^^

I stumbled across this through google as I was looking for some NWN related info to begin implementing tools for Netbeans myself.  Any further word on how this is going?

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got a link to the other thread, I couldn’t find it.

Found it :smiley: