Visual 'ripples' in terrain when using mouselook

I’ve been playing with TestTerrain and TestTerrainPage and I’ve noticed that when I use the mouse to look around I’ll see ‘ripples’ in the terrain. If I use the KB to slide right/left and forward/back it looks perfectly fine.

I get 150ish FPS on my system so I’m doubting that it’s an refresh problem. Has anyone else noticed this?

Evan if you are getting 150fps you can still be getting refresh problems. If you’re program is drawing faster then the screen could refresh then that can case tares. To fix the problem you need to enable v-sync . To do this set the option in your graphics card options.

There is also a vsync setting accessible in jME:


Thanks, the


is exactly what I needed. Looks slightly jittery when I move the mouse, but that's most likely because it's interpreting every little mouse action. Smoothing that out is something to checkout later. :)