Hi all,

new game out, yes, by my, its still in its very very early alpha release.

Anyways. here it is:


have a nice play!

great start DP. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Keep it up, lets see some particle explosions! :slight_smile:

Very cool. I love the retro feel. It’s really impressive to see how much can be done with jME at this early stage! Good luck completing it.

(Just a remark: there is some weirdness when the program first starts up, where there is a “clump” of star particles then everything runs normally. I’ve noticed similar behaviour in the other particle tests, so I’m inclined to believe this is an issue with jME. Can anyone confirm?)

Yes, this is a known particle system issue. All particles start at the begining, causing a burst. Then start creating at a spread out interval. It will be fixed shortly.

oops, forgot to login! ://

Excellent job DP!

Is VolatileZapper the first jME game?


i believe it is! :smiley:

How do you feel about me using it in my presentation I’m working on?

I think it would be cool to show off the first game ever written with jME.

I can make it understood that it’s still under development.


not a problem. Use it however you like. Although I have a better version at home with a gameover screen. And some node imporvements, let me get home first in about 4 hours, upload it to the same place.

Do you want the source as well? Im more than happy to put it in there too?

No rush, the presentation is a week from Thusday.



sup guys,

new game is up, uses sounds too! :smiley:

Way cool DP!!!

I like it! :smiley:

Keep up the good work.


Great! It’s very clean now. Where’s my particle explosions? :stuck_out_tongue:

okies, new versions is up, it includes:

better AI


more sounds


linux support (i think)

better performance on slower machines…etc

ive fulfilled 12 hours of my 40 hour criteria…anything else I can do?

i can’t upload anything to brinkster thats more than 1Mb, so I rared it!


or it that doesn’t work, go to my page first http://www.volatile7.tk and click on the first link on the top post.

Enjoy. :smiley:

That’s getting pretty impressive. Keep it up! I want more stuff!!! XD

Really nice DP, keep it up! Let’s see some more alien types.

Great work! Surprisingly addictive, in fact. I’m anxious to see more.

One thing: the hitbox on the ship is a tad too large. I occasionally die when I’m certain an alien never touched me. Apart from that, it’s looking really promising.

yup, got that sorted now! :smiley:

I like the game two things

1 after you play about twice you can barely get yours hand back on the keyboard before you die the game would start "boom U dead" game start "booom U dead"

2 I notice the source is in the rar does that mean we can poke and prod

change stuff, learn from it, because that is what I want to do as a learning exercise along with the tests and demos, atleast until the guide is ready.

Hi DarkProphet

Tried to donwload the game but keep getting "page not found". Any idea whats going on?