Sup all,

Just thought Id drop volatileZapper a line here.

Heres a screeny:

And here are the links for download:

http://www.myjavaserver.com/~digiwired/VolatileZapper_win.zip Windows Version

http://www.myjavaserver.com/~digiwired/VolatileZapper_linux.zip Linux Version

PS. “VolatileZapper2 – The Return of the Mutants” is in the making. :stuck_out_tongue:

It worked fine on my system.

I didn’t get the simple little blue lines for bullets like it shows in the picture – I got giant particle-spewing orbs of energy :slight_smile:

yup, thats one of the improvements. Which do you prefer?

I’ve only seen the blue-line version in the image posted above, but I’d find it hard to believe it was better than the elaborate particle system used in the version I downloaded :slight_smile:


okies time for an update, heres a screeny of “Return of the Mutants”

There are no more excuses for making games like VZ1 anymore! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, VZ2 is crap, heres the new VZ2:

Poor droid. Soon, he will be in little insy bitsy tiny pieces.


I was going to look at http://www.myjavaserver.com/~digiwired/VolatileZapper_win.zip Windows Version , but the link is down. Any idea whats happening?


yup, myjavaserver erased my files becaues I was over the 5Mb limit. And XVII is occupying that space now.

Il try and recompile one for you if you still want it?


What is the status of VolatileZapper2?

its coming together nicely. Im creating a little demo for the AI section and VolatileZapper 2 will the what shows off the AI…


well, ive recreated VolatileZapper 1 with the AISystem :slight_smile:

It doesn’t yet have sound, because I thought the old ones were silly. Im looking for some.

In the mean time, enjoy:

http://www.myjavaserver.com/~digiwired/vz1.jnlp - Webstart


Not bad. Some aliens descend to the bottom and then get stuck there…

yup, its part of the gameplay.

When they get there, they make your life harder by making your ability to move less…so less points…etc.

Il probs add sound tomorrow, after that, turrets!

Sorry, forgot to mention, press S during play time to see the FPS



About gameplay I think it’s good that the aliens get stuck on the bottom. I also think the ship could move faster.

your wish is my command ;). Ive uploaded a version that its ship is twice as fast.

Btw1: Has anyone ran out of aliens to shoot?

Btw2: What FPS are you getting?


Personally I wouldn’t continue to play the game much if there wasn’t some way of clearing out an alien stuck to the bottom. Like a limited supply of side shooting missles or something… or they could disintegrate after a certain amount of time or something… At the very least I’d suggest they come down to the ground slower at first and gradually get faster.

I couldn’t notice the ship going any faster.

I’ve never run out of aliens to shoot :slight_smile:

I got around 500-600 fps!

At the very least I'd suggest they come down to the ground slower at first and gradually get faster.
I think renanse has got a point here. That way you would have enough time to intercept them before they reached the bottom.

no worries, critism is always good.

Ive taken everything on board of what you said, and il be incoorporating it soon (more presicely, now :))


And while you’r at it you could make the ESC key exit the game! :slight_smile:

LOL, i just added that!