Voxel Cone Tracing Global Illumination In JME?

I’m researching to make GI in jme. Here’s the link.
Dos jme support opengl 4.3 now? Or need we to impl this?


I believe jme does support opengl 4.3 (anyone correct me if I’m wrong), but I’m thinking it’s more on the lines of whether the GPU would support it.

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Probably you’ll need to add GLSL430 in com.jme3.renderer.Caps, though.
Otherwise when you will set GLSL430 in the j3md it will tell you it’s not supported.

Or maybe you can use GLSL100 in the j3md that will load the shader without appending #version at the beginning and then do it by hand, it should work in this way without changing anything in the engine
Edit: nope, in this case the engine adds #version 110 :frowning:

Yes, because if it doesn’t then nVidia drops to compatibility mode and lets you do all kinds of nice stuff that will break on other cards. (Like using 0 for example instead of 0.0.)

My worst enemy.