vSync issue

Hello guys!

I found vSync issue (when it’s switched on). I noticed if i don’t rotate camera i have 60fps, but if rotate about 40-60 degrees i have 40 fps. I can confirm that it happens with different scenes and different objects count. So, I suppose this is an issue. Fps should be 55-60 but not 40.

Because of this i have some kind of FLICKERING. It happens only if i rotate camera.

Can anybody test it and confirm the flickering with vSync?

To fix the issue i found only one way:

  • switch vSync off.
  • set Framerate to 80.

This fix the issue. When camera rotates i have about 60 fps and when camera stands i have 80fps.

I found that the issue with fps drop causes because of NiftyGui. If I switch Nifty gui on i have about 30-40 fps with vSync. And if I switch NiftyGui off i have 60fps constantly.

My system: Kubuntu 64bit, nVidia GTS 250, .

@void256 can you check this issue with nifty?

Here is my code:
http://code.google.com/p/jme-simple-examples/source/checkout (Mercurial repo)
EmptyScene.java is executable.

And here is video i did:

Thank you.
Also, thank you for Nifty Gui. I love it!


I updated my videodriver and it seems i still have the issue!! :frowning:

@void256 sorry man, bu it seems you will need to check it out.

@void256 i upgraded my videodriver and rebooted my machine. It seems noe\w it works ok. Sorry for bothering.