Wacky render

Hi people, I haven’t played with jme much lately and it’s showing!

does anyone have any idea why i’m getting the following problems which are evident in this render:

seems to be an issue with the model (i’ve rendered other models okay) ???

UPDATE: seems that i’ve overwritten the original render on my server so the above is the good one …

It's kinda hard to tell because it ooks pretty dark, but looks like it could be backwards winding/normals turning it inside out.

I agree, normals may be facing the wrong way.

does anyone know if there is a way of changing all the normals after the model is loaded into jme?

the model is collada and i don't have the modelling tool to do it directly.

i had a similar behavior once, in case its not the normals, you can try adding a ZBufferState to the model and dont forget to activate it and to update the renderstates of the model.

If your model is in Collada format, the problem is because your model is exported in polygonMesh instead of TriangleMesh. Collada importer doesn't support polygons, only triangles. You must reexport the model (or correct Collada importer => good luck)

that definetly looks like a normals issue…

if you pm me the model i'll recalculate the normals using a tool i'm building at the moment and see if that fixes the problem…

post a screenshot with the normals showing (DebugGameState, etc. showNormals() i think)

thanks for everyones help :slight_smile: … turns out that its not a normals issues, it’s actually to do with the collada file … there was a couple of cutting planes in it which i removed (using sketchup) and bingo, it’s all okay. of course i’m not actually sure what a cutting plane is, or why you’d put them into a scene, but that was the issue.

once i removed the cutting planes i get:

still a pretty crappy render, but it’s on my laptop that doesn’t have a video card and no anti-aliasing.

Sorry but I dont see any difference with the first screenshot you posted  :?

orelero said:

Sorry but I dont see any difference with the first screenshot you posted  :?

Because he updated the previous image.