Wait for Jme4 or start a new Jme3 project?

sorry if something to this topic already exists, I used the search tool and google and did not find anything…

I am about to start a new project but in more and more answers I read about things that will change in Jme4. I did not find anything related to the development status so I am asking here:

Is it a good idea to start a complete new project in Jme3 or should I wait for Jme4?

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You should absolutely start your new project in jme3. It’s a solid platform.
Even if you need to change some code here and there for the next major release it will be small things compared to everything else you need to do in a game project that will not need to change. Content, workflow for handling assets, game mechanics and so on … all that will be the same regardless of jME version.

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Okay, thank you :slight_smile:

And btw what you mean will be jME 3.1, jME4 will be something very different in the very far future and probably not developed by the current team. (Similar to OSX, which is 10.10 in its current version and was 10.1 in its first version)

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I wonder where you got this information…
IMO jme3 is now a brand, and i don’t see jme4 coming any time soon.

I can’t find the thread right now. When I looked up something related to SpiderMonkey someone wrote that there will be no more changes in “this version”. So I thought jme4 might be coming soon… But you guys enlightened me :wink: