Waiting for device

Hi, i got a new tablet with android 4.0
i enabled usb debugging, but when i wanna run my app ( wich works fine one my smartphone)
there comes: Waiting for device to be ready… Connect your device now if its not connected yet.

i wait and wait and nothing happens… any ideas ?

(long time ago when i connected my smartphone the first time maybe i forgot one step??)

mhm… i installed the game manually, but of course… error…
rendererException…GLThread 114,5,main
(Cant type the whole text)

ok, i can install manually, and as long as i dont use lights it seems to work…

Same error here as well??
Have you managed to get it working???

PS: I have not installed any drivers… but windows shows all devices ok in device manager

It worked after installing drivers…

I had exactly the same problem. I followed the instruction in the following link and it solved the problem for me.