Walls in terrain


First off, I'm really a newbe in 3D programming, so I am thankful for example code for better understanding and not only "try using this and that" as an answer.

I got a terrain which consists of quadratic tiles (looking at then from atop) with a high at each edge, so I could just create a TerrainBlock with a Array of heights, but then how do I do vertical walls? Next to ramps for example. Am I missing something? Is there another class for my problem, or do I have to build my walls in another way?

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I also noticed, that TerrainBlock can only create square shaped terrains. What if I need a terrain of 300x200 cells? I guess i cannot go with TerrainBlock then? What would be a good solution? (and no, i don't want to put together a lot of terrains)

There rare a few ways you could try for the walls,

import com.jme.scene.shape.quad

import com.jme.scene.shape.box

Or maybe make them in a modelling program and import them, you could alsoo do the terain like this. Max creates some nice terrain if ou drag out a plane with alot of segments and add a naoise modifier. The poly count can get quite high using this method but if your not planning to have alot of terriian it might not be a problem.

I'm sure there are lots of other ways, it depends on the end result you want and where you could be having performance issues.

i'll get models for the walls, and a seperate map which contains information, where a character may go, so the problem is solved by a friend of mine.

Then is just leaves one question, what is an easy was to create a terrain of for example 200x300 size? Maybe creating one with 300x300 an make the "right" side 100px transparent? How would i do this?