Wanna design the next jMonkeyEngine 3 SDK Beta 1 box and download art for us?

So I’ve been tinkering with a new 3-dimensional box art graphic for the soon-to-be released Beta 1 (seriously, it’s so close you could smell it). After a couple attempts, I’m looking at some okay graphics, but nothing outstanding:





So far all the feedback I’ve got after proudly showing off the fruits of my labor has been:

It's easy to do box art.

So firstly, I'd greatly appreciate your feedback. Second, and more importantly, if anyone more artistically inclined would like to try their hand at some box art and download buttons, we would love to see it!

I’ve compiled a couple recommended fonts. We should be okay with “for personal use only” but would prefer a properly free font, i.e. creative-commons, free for commercial use.

I’ve made my own box art PSDs plus assets available for download.

I found my two box art templates on the ever so great OpenClipArt.org:

2-section box

3-section box

Its true. I think your last one comes close to actually kicking ass. Box art is easy. Just make a box you would want to buy and there you go.

I think the last one looks pretty good, but I think the monkey is kind of hidden on the box side. Maybe we could have only its face (as it happens on the site banner on the top) besides the “Beta 1” at bottom?

But, I am not a designer myself, so this could be a dumb suggestion as well. :wink:

I also like the third version very much already… Its like jME3 is this very reactive agent making your games the awesome sauce ^^ Maybe just tinting the new monkey a bit green and making him “jump out of the poison” (just put him on top) would be cool.

I would suggest to make shadows under “jMonkey Engine SDK” text more transparent and less. The shadows blur the text. Well, black text and black big shadows…

At least it seems on small images.

Box art is easy. Just make a box you would want to buy and there you go.

Lol, Erlend would buy anything with jMonkeyEngine written on it....

I really like the last one Erlend! nice work

I like the last one best. The only thing I’d consider changing is the font and the font colour specifically. I hate to use this as an example but if you look at the box art for MS Word or similar the font is a bit more understated. Here’s the first example I could find:


Just my 2 cents worth.

Where were those boxes made? In blender? What kinda texture maps those boxes have?

Assuming you are using photoshop:

Step 1: create flat art for the front and the side.

Step 2: collapse those into a layer each.

Step 3: transform perspective the flattened layers onto the sides of the box.

This will avoid the meandering text and funky perspective… which is less on the last two but still there.

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@pspeed: Thank u. I thought those boxes were made in a 3D modeling program xD, because the last two has shadows :D.

Edit: And the floor is infinite xD.

I think the last one is the best. It looks like a smooth and fluid product. Reminds me on the photoshop box.