Wanna help

I want to be apart of the AI coding team but i do not know where exactly to start what has DP left undone?

Ihave a copy of his game system its still compatible with jme I can send it to u via email

I would suggest posting it somewhere accessible (preferrably somewhere on jME's site) so anyone could take a look at it.  I'm going to be taking a look into AI in the not too distant future and I would be interested to see what has been done already.


that would be fine I have it in the office but I have no webspace I'll be glad to get it to somebody only 20k zipped DP nolonger has it on his service, but here is game done with a slightly older unrefined verson http://www.myjavaserver.com/~digiwired/VolatileZapper2.zip

His post has the code:


yeah but he added a couple enhancements since including a feature that allowed you write entity daata physics attributes and what not to notepads and read those in


he emailed an example from a game he was into before he left


i wanna see this too

forgot about my yahoo site crap :slight_smile:


sample doesn't do anything just shows how to set stuff up


wow i got a really good responce and i thought this forum was almost dead


no offence it's just from seeing all the post DP started and the nobody awnsering my question on where to get the source i was thinking it had died

is there a jmeAI.jar if so we really should include it in the dalily download

there is no ai stuff in jme.

besides it was still being tested and refine so its relatively unproven and WIP but usable

first version of javadocs are up i’ll have to go back thur source and fix some stuff but it’s up http://www.caserate.com/java/javadoc/

if somebody wants to compile the at into a jar i'll be happy to host that too

zipped source is up http://www.caserate.com/java/javasrc/


instead of making yet another post i’m just gonnna edit this one

zipped examples are up at the link above^^

gamesystem.zip is the ai system

quadbike.zip is the examples

did you clean up the compilation errors in the example that is a copy from my office no java there

not yet but the jar for the AI is up same as the rest of the java src files.  Do you want me to run javadoc ove the example or just go thur and clean it up and make a tutorial out of it and post it.

it seem to start but nothing shows up on screne with all the changes something fell out of sink but I can't tell what because no error are thrown other an error with the  ui import which is unimplemented in the example as far I can tell

i’m not very good at debugging.  If somebody wants to help the community and debug something the link is http://www.caserate.com/java/javasrc/quadBike.zip

question still remains what need to be done.  The agent ray frustum thing he was working on, that was for line of signt right? if so isn't there like alot easier formula like you get the agents position and direction, then calculate and project a invisable truncated pryamide and if anyt living/moving thing enters the trunked pyrimid it gets it get what it is and goes to finitive state machine like

input bullet from left

look left

Identify shooter





and there could be like a message system kinda like already discussed and every frame the computer checks if anything is seeable within it's area from a table look up