Want to help improve the Engine

I would like to help, maybe improve the image loader, to load targa, if not supported or something like that, any ideas? Im using Eclipse as a IDE, i have followed this link

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So if i do something interesting my changes will be approved?

Exactly, maybe focus on fixing issues before working on new features so you get confident with the source code :slight_smile:

Chances of approval increase significantly if you communicate on all stages with the core devs… The forums provide a good platform for discussion.

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And if you haven’t used the engine a lot and played with the source, then you probably don’t know enough yet to really contribute.

Yes, pspeed, you are right i havent used the engine a lot, but i rather spend my time in something constructive other than creating a game that i already done, so that way maybe someday you will be proud of me because a contribution of mine

But if you submit a patch that doesn’t work well with the engine or requires a lot of rework because you don’t know the engine well enough then that just takes time away from core developers that could be better spent. Or we end up just not paying much attention to the patch.

So what shall I do? Nothing? Can you help me I have a clue on what to do

The best patches come from people who needed something themselves and so coded it.

So… use JME. If you find a bug then try to fix it. If it’s missing something you need then create it.