Wanting tO have a game Menu systEm

Hi eVeryoNe… kamusTa??  :smiley:

I'm a newbie in using the jMonkey engine.

I've been planning to develop

a game and deciDed to startoFf with the menu system but i don't knoW what's

the best gui to uSe and hoW will i implement it…

yoUr help would be much appreciated…

thankS in advance…

SaLamat po!!  :smiley:

The first step should be to familiarize yourself with your options. You are not going to get a straight answer from anyone here on what the best GUI option is for jME. This is because everyone's needs are different. I suggest downloading and tinkering with the examples in BUI, GBUI, FengGUI and jME Desktop (there may be other options too) and finding the one you are most comfortable with. You should be able to find all the links either here in the forum, on in the wiki. Good luck and welcome to jME!

thaNks a lOt!..

at least now i knoW my opTions… :lol:

it feels nice to bE in thiS lively coMMunity… (lots of serious mOnkeys here)  :smiley:

goDbless uS all!!