WARNING: SphereCollisionShape cannot be scaled

so I’m working my way through tutorials and trying out code snips that interest me…

I’m wanting to understand why I’m getting this warning

(WARNING: SphereCollisionShape cannot be scaled)

especially as I’m not actually scaling anything !

what impact might this have…?

[java] protected void createShape() {
objectId = createShape(radius);
Logger.getLogger(this.getClass().getName()).log(Level.FINE, “Created Shape {0}”, Long.toHexString(objectId));
// new SphereShape(radius);
// objectId.setLocalScaling(Converter.convert(getScale()));
// objectId.setMargin(margin);
to me this looks like setScale should have been commented out too as part of the replaced code?
is this worth reporting as a bug?

Personally, I made classes that extends the capsule and sphere shape classes and @Override the scale method to remove this warning, I had way too many of it :wink:

I wasn’t near so clever :wink: !

I ended up commenting out setScale in createshape and recompiling the sdk, its a testament to the quality of the engine that you can quickly and without fuss recompile it with such ease…

but unlike you in means I have to reapply my “fix” each time I update, at least your method “sticks” :slight_smile: