June 12,
Going into temporary half-week hiatus to work on GUI. Here’s a incomplete demo to keep you occupied.

WarPoint-Windows.zip (34.2 MB)


Open Sci-fi epic. Start as one ship and a base. Mine, fight, scavenge, survive, prevail, and become something else, discover your roots and uncover lost history, build an empire, make new scientific discoveries, or roam free in the plains of space. Not only will this universe be immersive, it will also be realistic to the best of my ability.

More Sections to follow…

Old May 18 Post:
Just a teaser screenshot from early-development


Update: Screenshot from a Mesh-modification room

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wohow, nice : )

Thank you! New update: damage test screenshot with carving and debris.

Aah yeh, remember seeing this on IndieDB. Glad to see you’ve found your way to the forum :slight_smile: Looking mighty interesting!

I haven’t posted my project anywhere else (yet), I’ll have to find the IndieDB link so I can make sure my project is different. I’m actually a few steps behind on implementation, I have several features already fleshed out on paper. It would be great if there was some way to have the most recent news at the top/front page if I update too much, I guess I’ll just update the first post. Speaking of updates:

Update: Textures with NeoTextures and HP system implemented (starts out proportional to ship volume then decreases based on the volume of debris ejected)

On the forum page most of use use (recent posts) there is a link to jump right to the latest post of a thread. I rarely bother to go back to the first one.

Looks great! love your colour pallet, feels very Deus Ex

@splinterman said: I haven't posted my project anywhere else (yet), I'll have to find the IndieDB link so I can make sure my project is different.
Oh really? Hmm, maybe it was somewhere else then. Perhaps YouTube? If you haven't showed it anywhere else yet then it invoked a very convincing deja vu in me, so kudos to you either way.

@pspeed: I’ll keep that in mind, most likely I’ll just update the first post for major updates.
@thetoucher: yeah the yellow and black does seem deus-ex-y. I got a few new ideas from watching the E3, so I am in the middle of doing a GUI rework/overhaul which might end up being quite different. Ideally I should let the user pick his/her color palette.

Since the GUI rework might take about a few days, I think I’ll probably release a meshmaker demo soon with very limited functionality and see if you guys are interested.

WarPoint-Windows.zip (34.2 MB)

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update: ship controls, object damage, and a GUI element.

Why not showing a video :wink:

Looks nice

Good idea, the pictures are starting to do less justice. Thanks