this could be useful for collaboration projects.


its a bit of a pain to set up as you have to trade public keys and ip addresses but its worth it.

if you want a private(encrypted) network that allows chatting , file sharing, and file browsing(only the folders you designate) this is it.

if youre running linux it installs with wine, just download the .exe and use wine command to install it. 8)

I think this is the project that got the winamp guy fired from AOL. :slight_smile:

At the time though, it used several outdated crypto methods. Did that change in the meanwhile?

I don't really see use for it unless you're working on something top secret (and then you'll want to use up to date crypto), except for the decentralized file transfer/sharing. And if you are then you'd be glad tio hear you have to hear you have to exhange public keys first :slight_smile:

well, it seems that you know more than I do llama (as usual):smiley:

I use waste because I got errors trying to share files through messenger progs

Yes that's what I think is the most intresting aspect of it too :slight_smile:


As long as we're on the topic, the eclipse communications framework is getting better by the day too: