Water as sphere

Hi I was wondering if there is any chance you can make water shaped like a sphere with working reflection and such.

      Node reflectedNode = new Node( "reflectNode" );
      reflectedNode.attachChild( skybox );
      reflectedNode.attachChild( createObjects() );
      java.util.ArrayList<com.jme.scene.Spatial> rootChildren = rootNode.getChildren();
      for(int i = 0; i < rootChildren.size(); i++)
      rootNode.attachChild( reflectedNode );
      waterEffectRenderPass = new WaterRenderPass( cam, 4, false, true );
      //setting to default value just to show
      waterEffectRenderPass.setWaterPlane( new Plane( new Vector3f( 0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f ), 0.0f ) );
      Sphere waterSphere = new Sphere("waterSphere", new Vector3f(),400,400,500f);

      waterEffectRenderPass.setWaterEffectOnSpatial((com.jme.scene.Spatial) waterSphere );
      rootNode.attachChild( waterSphere);

      rootNode.attachChild( debugQuadsNode );

      waterEffectRenderPass.setReflectedScene( reflectedNode );
      waterEffectRenderPass.setSkybox( skybox );
      pManager.add( waterEffectRenderPass );

This makes a sphere but the reflection is all wrong, so is the function to see if you're below or above the water.
Could you possibly have a workaround for this, I like the water but I'd really like my planet to be a planet and not a flat plane.

Thank you, Considerate.