Water looks weird

Last night I update and now the water looks weird I have two other apps and they all give the same resullt


Hmm, I'm unable to see your pic, but running the tests it all seems fine to me.

Looks like pollution to me…good thing there aren't any fish in there!  8)

except for the distortion all else is fine , the frame is normal "turbulatent height generator" but it was o.k before updating and all the other tests(shader) run normally

Well, try and revert some of the files to previous versions… see if that fixes it, or if it was something else that changed on your machine.

i get the same broken water…looking into it…dunno what they changed though, but it looks to be some texture stuff bugging.

The older error was already fixed.  The thread just wasn't updated.  Refraction uses render to depth texture, perhaps that isn't working on your machine?  Anything in your console regarding render to texture or fbo, etc?

sure, this is what it looks like when I run it on my machine from cvs:


Compatibility is definitely something that will be looked into more as more games get closer to release (see Bang! Howdy for example)  I'm afraid we have no such chart yet, but it would be worth starting one on the wiki that people could fill in with their own experiences…