Water physics

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Quick questions:

I use the waterfilter to generate water in my 3D world. Is there a way to add physics capabilities to the water?

The water filter allows to detect if the camera is underwater or not, but what about other objects? Do I have to manually compare an object location with waterfilter height?

Basically, I would like to detect if an object is underwater or not. I would also like to detect physical collisions between objects and the water surface.

Ultimately, I would like to add buoyancy effect to the water, but simple underwater/overwater detection would be good enough.

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So did you try to search for buoyancy in the forum? Theres been a solution posted just a few days ago.

Hi normen!

Thank you for taking time to answer my question. :slight_smile:

You mean this thread?


I did see it, but I don’t see a solution. I would need more information on how to achieve this. Sampling a height map? Also, buoyancy is not required at this point, collision with water surface and over/under water detection would be enough for me. It seems pretty complex to manage buoyancy.

If you want, I can drop this thread and ask questions in that other one. :slight_smile:

That was only the first one in the search results, I mean this one:


But theres others too.

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Oh wow! Very impressive. Thanks for the link! Wait a minute, I only get one result when I search buoyancy in the search field… Oh my god!!! I think I need new glasses: I never realized that there are 2 search fields. I never used the google search field. slap on the forehead Sorry about that! I guess I’m going to find more results next time.

Thanks again normen!