Water Post Processor block

What will be the easiest solution to prevent player from moving into the water?

If you use physics: An invisible rigidbody
Otherwise: Distance checks if the player is too close to the water. This has the problem though that it is not accurate if you have a water shape that is not circular.

If it’s the water post processor then you know what the level (in y) of the water is everywhere. If feetLevel < waterLevel then don’t move… or whatever.

Else mathiasj is right about physics.

…but really this question is poorly formed which is why you see is randomly stabbing at partial ideas rather than investing any time in the one that might actually apply to your unexplained situation.


Get rid of the water :smiley:


@DannyJo Now those are some grade A problem solving skills :laughing:

I know, right :smiley: