Water Shoreline effect

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I tried searching the forums but couldn't find any work on this. Has anybody successfully extended any of the water effect classes so that they can detect intersections with terrains and render a white water effect in that area to make it look like the water is crashing against the terrain sorta… The Torque Game engine has this ability, if you don't get what i mean just check their site.


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Only time I have anything similar discussed is in this thread about the Explorers game. Perhaps you can get some ideas from there. Currently I think there is nothing like this built into jME. But it would be cool if you could add it  :smiley:

Hey Mindgamer,

Thanks for the link to the thread, i wonder if Methius figured something out. I'll do some research on it and see if i can figure out how some game engines are doing it. If i come up with something, ill make sure to post the solution somewhere on the site. But until then, if anybody else has already implemented this and would like to share then please please please do.