Waterfilter api question

Color extinction uses Vector instead of ColorRGBA object, is there any reason why this is so?

Actually it’s not a color it’s the water depth where the color disappear. It’s based on a real phenomenon.

Feed it with the depth of the red green blue channel.

default is 5, 20, 30 this means at 5 depth unit everything that is red has the color of water (default is blue for sea water) at 20 everything that is green , at 30 everything that is blue.

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I’ve just started playing with the water filter and I am learning a lot, great fun :slight_smile: This link explained the extinction thingy real well. http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/technical/graphics-programming-and-theory/rendering-water-as-a-post-process-effect-r2642

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Agree. Great shader.