WaterFilter behaviour


I’ve got the following behaviour.

With the standard wave size the scenery looks like expected:

But when I raise the value to 0.1 (and higher) some strange fractals are fading in (and becoming stronger)

what could that be?



what if you bump up the normal map scale?

@nehon: no difference.

I tried normaleScale 10, 100 and 0.1 (wavescale still on 0.1). Same effect.

I made an svn update. The fractals at the edges are gone but I still got the stuff in the center of the scene:

I’ll have to test in the sdk to see if i can reproduce this issue.
There must be something with the normal or height map.

@nehon: greetings. Have you found out anything?

could you try setUseRefraction(false).
this is normally for underwater, but idk why it has some influence when you are above water

@nehon: awesome. Thanks. : )