WaterFilter -limited?

Hi monkeys,

I am trying to build a 2D game with 3D graphics. It shall be some jump&run kind, so you look from the side, just like old mario stuff.

Now I want to add some puddles of water. Since the WaterFilter is pure awesomeness, I wanted to use it. I did well at first, but now I got the problem that the water spreads all over everything. It is not limited to the 2D region (which is betweeen +2 and -2 in Z-direciton), not does it stop in x-direction when a wall should end it.

I don’t manage to find some geometry or so “inside” the WaterFilter which I could resize; in fact, that whole water filter stuff has no real size or position but spans everything at the given height.

I tried the SimpleWaterProcessor, but it just doesn’t look well enough since there is no real “shore”, the water just ends and it looks like a screen put into the floor which is displaying waves.

Is there any way to use WaterFilter or a similar concept? I didn’t even find some documentation to Post-Processor filters, so I can’t write my own water puddle stuff.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

If your puddles are all at the same elevation, then the water filter will work: you just have to hide the edges of the water and build dips for puddles. If not, then you have to use simple water. WaterFilter is more of an “ocean”.

Just as I suspected, thank you. The puddles shall be at different heights; so WaterFilter is not the thing I could use.

Is there an documentation about Post-Processor filters so I can try to build own water? simple water doesn’t even reflect my character, so it isn’t really suited…

If not, is there anything like a mirror which could reflect my character? It is probably easier to distort a mirror and add some foam at the edges; but I didn’t find anything I could use for that :frowning:

There are a few pages on post process effects. Not really an exact tutorial on what you want to achieve, however these should get you started (the sample code is probably the best place to get going):




Simple water already does reflection.

Ok, then I have done something wrong with simple water, I will check.

Thanks for your help; this lets me move on :slight_smile:

There are a number of interesting concepts around for puddles of water where you use maps to show where to put reflection - allowing things like puddles in pavements or even following the lines of cracks etc.

@ceiphren managed to “limit” the WaterFilter in this post


maybe that can help