WC3 Like Maps

Hey there.

Wow. The homepage has changed a lot… i’m a little bit confused… :?

I have a question which quite bothers me. I’m playing loads of games the last time which all have the cute little comic style of the old lovely warcraft3. I instantly thought “Hey… i like that graphic, an i know a freakin great engine which surely is able to do such a thing!”

So i got to work… but soon i discovered a little problem…

“How to achieve that? I rly have no clue… Celshader, maybe… but… The map, the models usw… How?”

My first goal is to program a little editor. Nothing special. Only a editor for terrain.

As for the terrain i thought about a plane at the beginning. With one tool you can differ the height of that so you can build mountains and so on. Water vould be hust a box you put in there and then…well. use water textures.

But how to get that cute looking trees and objects in there?

I searched google for it quite a while but i haven’t found a thing. Are the trees in f.e. Warcraft just textures or are they rly models sticking into each other? Shoudl be models since you can rotate the view in much of those games…

Maybe you can give me some hints on how to achieve such a nice graphic and how to build a little editor for that.

I would really appreciate that.:wink:



WC3 Nice graphic → Crappy graphic

No effects or shaders behind it. The developer modeled it to be exactly like it is now.

Don’t forget it was one of the first “real” 3D Games. The polycount had to be very low, shaders were not possible.

If I am right, bloom didn’t even exist at this time.

If you took a wc3 model and put it inside jME, mixed it with some shaders, you would get a better result than wc3.

No offense, wc3 was a great game, but they “hardcoded” the cute looking trees.

There is no real shortcut, maybe jME ToonShader helps, but it wouldn’t look like WC3.

Thats cheap. :confused:

So all there is to do is model the Objects like they should look later and use fitting textures? Oh rly…

I hoped for a better solution than that. :smiley:

Any ideas welcome. :smiley:

There is nothing special to the way the models in Wc3 work, nor is there any particular feature in jME that sets it apart from other engines as far as RTS games go. Warcraft 3 is a game like any other, put together by a vast library of low-poly models orchestrated by code.

I get the feeling you’re pretty new to both programming and game development in general; jMonkeyEngine requires a fair share of experience in both. If you want to create a game similar to Warcraft 3, why not just start out by making some mods with Wc3? Or go with StarCraft 2 and you’ll get all the same mechanics, just better graphics and more modern tools to play with.

Forget the StarCraft2 Editor!! :wink:

The tool is it’s own language, meaning you can learn C++ in the same time.

And no, I’m not joking!

Of course if you like fast results, take any game editor available and mod, except the StarCraft2 Editor.

I think most of us have started with modding a game. I did and I learned a lot!

Sometimes there is no easy shortcut :frowning:

Im fairly new to the jME and game programming. I did some little 2D games like a modable pacman in java and lua and similar stuff but nothing in 3D rly. Only some projects goofing around.

I dont want to create a w3c like game. I just want to make similar looking maps.

Humans grow with their challenges or how ever its said in english.

Atm i’m working myself into blender to see if i get it working for me. :wink:

Blender is definitely a good start :wink:

I love the phrase “step after step”.

If you need help, you can ask me! Send an email or do something similar.

Basic things are no problem for me, for the hard past we have our core members.