We have 294 guests online and 6 members online?

294 guest online? That seems fishy. How long after someone leaves the webpage does it stop counting them?

PS: How many hits does the website get?

Webalyzer reports an average of 383 hits per day. I’m now checking the length of time before Mambo stops counting a visit (after he leaves).

Apparently that was accurate. There were a lot of unique IPs on in the last half hour. it’s down to 6 now.

Can you check the referers? Where did they come from? (The site is still veeery slow here)

oh, you are referring to the main site. :slight_smile: Let me check some things…

5 minutes. I didn’t see that many guests, and it didn’t register on the “most visitors at one time” counter.

BTW it was set to 60,000 seconds, that is why there are so many people on at the end of the day. It’s accumulating all the visitors during the day. I set it to a more reasonable time.