Web virtual 3d worlds

Excuse my poor english… and wrong forum topic, I suppose!

I’d like to know if exists (and it’s URL) a JMonkey web 3d applet “wirefusion  like”… I don’t know if I can put a personal link about a my old work, but I hope it’s to explain better: http://www.sirio.net/salaPaleoliticoIsernia/sala3d.htm.

Thanks in advance

jME can be embedded as an applet, and applets can communicate to/from javascript. So it should be perfectly possible to do something like what you linked.

You're welcome!

To get started without too much hassle, definitely have a thorough look at the classes under jmetest. Those are not unit tests, but simple use cases for virtually every single feature jME has to offer.

If you have a question, try the forum search too - most of jME's community activity happens here.

Thanks for reply,

so… it's time for me to migrate from the "expensive wirefusion" to the new, more difficult but opensource frontiers: jmonkey!

Best regards from Italy


How about your migration?

Does JME working as good as wirefusion in web3d, I am considering migration it to JME3 too, but from the applet demo it seems to be more rough.

Could someone provide more JME demo(not the jmetest,I have read them all) in web3d, published games ?

Thanks and best regards.

Hi Tomi,

wirefusion has a… cost but allows a very quick development… JME is more powerful but require more learning time. In my case time is very important so I use wirefusion for “little and quick” commercial works and I think JME must be used for important (not only economically) projects.

best regards from Italy

p.s. my first post link seems to be broken. I’ll restore it soon but it’s a very old project, now You can see it at http://www.starbit.net/paleolitico-isernia