WebClient mozilla api in JME, problem with Canvas?

Hello, I am trying to use WebClient mozilla api in a JME project.

The WebClient API return a Canvas object, but it is not displayed on the screen.

All Swing/AWT components are displayed except the Canvas (code is working out of JME).

browserControlCanvas  = (Canvas) webBrowser.queryInterface(BrowserControl.BROWSER_CONTROL_CANVAS_NAME);

jBrowserPanel.add(browserControlCanvas, BorderLayout.CENTER);

I am a JME beginner, may be I need to use a JMECanvas? In this case how to convert the Canvas in JMECanvas? You have any other ideas?

That seems to be not possible.


It is really a pity because integrating WebClient in JME would be really powerful, a great step for the virtual world  :D, I’ll dig it deeper tonight (GMT +1)…

FWIW, I have been able to make use on a JEditorPane to render web contents in jME (although it was not using JMEDesktop)

I found more info :


WebClient is based on embedding XULRUnner in a so called heavyweight component such as java.awt.Canvas.

But JMEDesktop is only working with lightweight components.


I am not sure that I understood everything, if a solution exist it is probably too complicated for me.  :oops:

I will try to find something else …