Website updated to BuddyPress 1.5 – New features, new bugs

After a scheduled downtime we’ve just updated to BuddyPress 1.5, the latest version of the social CMS addition to our WordPress powered site.

This is a major new version, bringing hundreds of fixes & enhancements.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Faster! You’ll hopefully notice some speed improvements.
  • Working mentions (e.g. “hey @sbook you should pay attention to this thread!”), including e-mail notifications
  • Better paging system for BuddyPress components. A bit tricky to explain, but a welcome change indeed.
  • Responsive theme, i.e. should run & look better on mobile devices now
  • Forum tags finally working (more or less ^^)

    Known issues include:

    - 2x “mark all read”

    - Gaah, blue links!

    - Missing header image & color scheme

    - Missing forum syntax help

    - Missing badges

    - Incomplete widget placement
  • Somewhat buggy menus
  • Partially hidden “follow this topic”

    There’s quite a bit to do still, but we’ll tend to the necessary website updates more diligently now that it’s in our faces.

    Please help out by reporting new issues! It’s okay to mention even the most obvious stuff; anything to make sure we don’t miss anything. Bear in mind though, we don’t have any dedicated web developer, so if you think you can directly lend a hand to speed things up, do let us know.

One item high on our list, that we would really appreciate help with, is forking BP Group Control to make it compatible with BuddyPress 1.5.

This is the plugin we use to display “badges” on our site, like “Developer” and “Contributor”.

Here are some links that should help:

The new update looks cool, but i preferred the way the other forum page (where it shows all the topics) looked, it seemed more organized and easier to flick through.

Not sure if you mentioned them but:

  • cannot thumbs up/down anyone
  • Title and tags of thread topic are written over each other

Please revert the site -.-

Ug, forum list is impossible to read anymore. There’s WAY too much information thrown at you. Any way of fixing that? It could even just be the thread topic in full text color and size, with everything else in smaller font and grey,

Also, that’s one scary monkey in the header now, love it!

Hmm looks like editing your reply is completely broken now, the page shows up w/ a title and a blank box where the editor should be.

Wanted to also say that the BuddyPress team is still clueless about the existence of the Back button, making everything that’s ajax’d (ALL pagination, for example) impossible to navigate quickly. For example, click a couple of pages in on the main forum listing, then hit your back button, where does it take you? A ton of this system suffers from this rather serious flaw.

I repaired some stuff here and there…

  • Fixed BP Group control / badges
  • Fixed double “mark all read” (you activated the old plugin too)
  • Use a child theme so we can actually edit the theme

    For the ratings I’ say we need another plugin and somebody (I guess me, eh?) has to write some code to transfer the database data from one plug to another.

my developer tag ain’t showing up yo, and i had 400 rating

And I have a developer tag now? Wait… Does that mean I have to spend all my spare time helping other people, coding for them and fixing the issues other team members produce? AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH…

you love it :slight_smile: <3

Unusable on j2me Opera mini (I might be the only user).

I miss the old monkey.

The new forum directory is cramped.

Glad there are many bug fixes.

Yeah, on iPad/iOS the menus don’t work. You always get to the main page thats hidden under the first menu item. Before it would just unfold and on second click open the page.

i cant thumbs down people :cry:

I can’t edit posts. Instead of just complaining like in my earlier post, I’ll try to provide something usefull.

On j2me opera the site design is striped black so that half of it is hidden, and every link leads to the main page.

Links to opera simulators:



new monkey creepy

Those of you unable to edit posts, could you please take a screenshot and show us what you’re seeing? I am not experiencing this issue.

@wezrule broken voting slipped by me, sorry. I reported it and got a Normen-worthy response:

So hang in there :wink:

@makeshift about the Opera bug, that seems like it might be an inherent problem in the default BP theme. If you try in that emulator you should encounter the same bugs. I’ve reported it to the BP developers, thanks.

@normen pfft who uses iOS anyways?

/me ducks

As a side note that monkey is going to haunt my dreams. Not saying he has a rape face (link is sfw btw) going on there… but he kinda does.

Also another side note. Can’t edit posts. But aside from that I do like how much faster this site loads. :slight_smile:

Then the artist has met our expectations :smiley:

My edit screen. There are no javascript errors in WebInspector.