Webstart issues? TextureState.getNumberOfFixedUnits() and jme-nightly-test.jnlp

I have two problems using WebStart with jME.

One: Every time I try to call TextureState.getNumberOfFixedUnits() from WebStart, it crashes the VM - leaving nothing suspicious in debug.txt, I don't know if WebStart has an extra error log somewhere? Try this: http://wwwhomes.uni-bielefeld.de/krabien/jmestuff/textureLayers/getNumberOfFixedUnitsBug.jnlp

It is a basic SimpleGame subclass that does nothing more than to log a message, call TextureState.getNumberOfFixedUnits() once, log another message, and create a Sphere.

It crashes with both standard jME webstart and jme-nightly webstart libs for me. Can anybody confirm this?

Two: jme-nightly-test.jnlp seems to be unusable, WebStart complains about a missing field in the jnlp file (<component-desc> or <installer-desc>).

(I should really be saving up for the "Bug Hunter" contest! If those prove to be bugs, that makes three for me today!  }:-@ )

EDIT: of course I double-checked the webstart above by leaving out the getNumberOfFixedUnits call. It works like a charm then, showing a plain white sphere, as expected.

Here's the exception from web start logs (open javaws, enable logging, then look in C:Documents and Settings[your user name]Application DataSunJavaDeploymentlog)

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.jme.scene.state.TextureState.getNumberOfFixedUnits()

Unfortunately, the so called "nightly" jnlp you are referring to references jars that were last updated may 25th, 2006.  Thus the missing methods.  :confused:

Thank you - the bit about the ws log file is really good to know (though I doubt I'll still know it next time I need it… I think somebody told me that very thing before, and I forgot. Brain's a bitch!)

Too bad the ws stuff isn't updated any more. Are there any plans to bring this up again some time soon? If not, may I humbly suggest to remove the "nightly" directory?

I think we want them, but something is up with the ftp for the build?  Not too sure.